ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number, Complaint Cell- Ways to Contact

ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number, Complaint Cell- Ways to Contact

Employees’ State Insurance Scheme of India is an initiative taken to provide socio-economic protection to worker population and their dependents covered under the scheme.

The main motive behind ESIC Scheme is to cover the workers which are generally exposed to; such as sickness, maternity, temporary or permanent disablement, Occupational disease or death due to employment injury.

Benefits come Under ESIC Act 1948-

  • Health Benefit
  • Maternity in Case of Women
  • Unemployment Cash Benefit
  • Disablement Benefit
  • Social Benefits
  • Sickness Benefit
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Confinement Expenses

Funds come from State Government, Central Government, Employer, Employee’s and they are managed by the authorized person of ESIC. That fall’s under this scheme dependents are also secured with them.

ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number
ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number

As on 31st March 2016, there are more than 82.8 Million’s Beneficiaries.

To help all of them, they have designed a support department which is specially trained by them. Here, we are sharing all possible ways to contact ESIC Customer Care.

8 Ways to Contact ESIC Customer Care Department
  1. ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number
  2. ESIC Medical Assistance Toll Free Number
  3. Complaint Email Address
  4. Head Office Address
  5. List of ESIC Office State Wise
  6. Top FAQs about Employee State Insurance Corporation
  7. Social Support
  8. ESIC Mobile Application

We are sharing brief information about all ESIC contact alternatives here. So, read it carefully and it could help you at the time of emergency. 

ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number

This support number is created to have a hassle free support in case of emergency. Users can ask anything regarding the procedure, admission, services and more. You can call them from any Mobile Network.

ESIC Customer Care Helpline Number- 1800 11 2526

Those users who want any Medical Assistance should dial the below provided “ESIC Contact Number” first. Keep ESIC Card with you for any medical help. Tell them all issues and the executives will help you.

Even executives will also help you in locating the nearest “Employee State Insurance Corporation” Hospital.

ESIC Medical Assistance Customer Care Number- 1800 11 3839

Tip- Save both ESIC Customer Care Numbers in your mobile contact for quick access.

ESIC Complaint Email Address

Did you know? you can send your complaint in writing with attachments such as image, video, & more via Email Address. It is a very good and most used alternative to “ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number” because of its privacy and 24 hours availability.

You can save all the conversation for as many years you want. We also recommend “Email Id” for the Feedback also.

Complaint Email Id-

Advanced Tip- We are also sharing “Grievances Email Address” where you can send complaint when all basic “ESIC Customer Care” unable to provide a valid or satisfied solution to the customers.

ESIC Grievances Email Address-

Please also mention the complaint number in the mail and It could take up to 6 to 7 working days in providing the solution to you.

ESIC Head Office Address

Did you Know? there were so many cases in which “ESIC User” didn’t get proper help from the respective support department. So, they could visit the main office where all top authorized personnel are available and can make complaint also.

Employee State Insurance Corporation
Panchdeep Bhawan
Comrade Inderjeet Gupta (CIG) Marg,
New Delhi- 110002

Fax No- 011 23235481 & 23234537

Employee State Insurance Corporation Branch Locations

Our team is sharing the list of various “ESIC Offices” for the customers sake. There are many peoples who don’t know the location of nearest available ESIC Office. So, we advise all of them to go through the list.


A- Medical Superintendent,
ESI Hospital,
Jhilmil, Delhi

ESIC Contact No- 22151329

B- Medical Superintendent
ESI Hospital,

ESIC Contact No- 26814161

C- Medical Supdt.
ESI Hospital
Rohini, Sec – 15
New Delhi.

Telephone No- 27861033

D- Medical Superintendent,
ESI Hospital,

ESIC New Delhi Customer Care Number- 91-4527872

E- Medical Superintendent,
ESI Hospital,
Ring Road,
New Delhi-110 015


Med. Supdt.
ESI Hospital
Ashok Nagar, Nr. BUDA Office
At Post Shivajinagar,

ESIC Customer Care Helpline Number- 0831-2474368


Medical Supdt,
ESI Hospital
Majitha Road

ESIC Punjab Customer Care Number- 223904

Tamil Nadu-

Medical Supdt
ESI Hospital
Medavakkam Tank Road

Employee State Insurance Corporation Contact Helpline- 26470261 & 26479173


Medical Supdt
ESI Hospital
Kamla Nehru Nagar I
Extension Scheme

ESIC Customer Care Number- 0291-2750422 & 9414232966

Uttar Pradesh-

Medical Supdt,
ESI Hospital

Support Helpline- 0562-2601408


Medical Supdt.
ESI Hospital
Near Rajendraprasad Stadium
Goa- 403 601

ESIC Customer Care Number- 2714197


Med. Supdt
ESI Hospital
General Hospital

ESIC Gujarat Customer Care Number- 22741886


Medical Superintendent
ESI Hospital
Dalmiya Nagar, ROHTAS


Medical Supdt
ESI Hospital, Central Road, MIDC,
Andheri (E), MUMBAI-93.

ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number- 28367203

Apart from all above information, our team has also gathered all contact alternatives which could be very useful.

Top FAQs about Employee State Insurance Corporation

ESIC customer care department has created a page for awareness purpose where users could find the solutions of “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” by the users of ESIC.

We also advise users to visit ESIC FAQs before using its basic contact alternatives such as ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number, ESIC Customer Care Number, and Complaint Email Address.

Q- What are the Funeral Expenses and who is to be Paid?

A- If someone dies then the funeral expense of Rs 10,000 is to be paid to the insured person elder family member. If he/she residing alone then the expense is allocated to the person who performs the funeral.

Q- Will the delayed payment attract interest?

A- When an employer fails to pay the contribution within the time limit than he/she has to pay 12% of simple interest per annum.

Q- How to Register under Employee State Insurance Corporation?

A- At the Time of Joining, an employee has to share all his/her family details along with the family photo. So, that employer can register him under ESIC ACT. The insurance number is generated online and could be used throughout the life.

These are the common questions which are asked mostly by the ESIC users. We also know there are many employees who want to know more than we suggest all of them to visit there FAQs Page.

Employee State Insurance Corporation Social Support

Now Day’s, social support are becoming popular but it could be a hit or flow in a case of ESIC because we have tried it but the response is very poor. Sometimes, they have answered the query and sometimes don’t.

But, we should advise its users to give it a try at least.

  • Facebook-
  • Twitter-
  • Youtube-

ESIC Mobile Application

There is one more way to contact “Employee State Insurance Corporation Customer Care Department” i.e Mobile Application.

After seeing the evolution of the Mobile Application ESIC has decided to develop a “Mobile App” for there Users. So, that they can get all latest new’s and information about ESIC. Even they can easily get more support by contacting the desired customer care department through the ESIC Mobile App.

Those who are interested to download its app then visit the “Google Play” and Download it.

Steps to Download ESIC Mobile Application-

a- Open the Google Play.
b- Enter “ESIC or Employee State Insurance Corporation” in the search bar.
c- Than, List will appear and the App which is on the Top is of ESIC.
d- Click on it and It will start downloading.

Final Thoughts or Conclusion

As our team has shared almost all possible ways to contact “ESIC Customer Care Department” which are available. But, it’s up to you which one you choose. After, reviewing all alternatives the best one is the “ESIC Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number” and Email Address could also be used instead of it.

But, we also suggest you give a try to all of the above-shared alternatives once.

Hope you like the article and do share it with others on Social Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & More.


  1. Manju kumari

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    My E.S.I.C. ID is 4113749162, and my name is Manju Kumari SIngh, i am registered in your E.S.I.C. since 2011, where as per my knowledge i am eligible to get all medical treatment facilities along with my dependent. Now i have only one dependent (KANTI DEVI SINGH) my mother,as per terms we are eligible for proper treatment without any cost and without any harassment.

    My mother is being suffering from severe pain abdomen from 25/02/2018,and on 16/02/2018 just before 10 days i lost my father, in that time i admitted my mother in local nursing home,due to we were thinking that this the normal gastric pain. In the mean time all treatment was done in that nursing home with some expensive investigation like USG,MRCP, ENDOSCOPY, LFT, TSH etc,on 03/03/2018 my mother discharged from nursing home. In that time we already expend near about Rs 40,000/- for the treatment. After one day of discharge again she had severe pain abdomen then we visit to G.I. consultant where we advice to do ERCP Stenting & Biopsy again we we expend Rs 17,000/-for this procedure after we got the ERCP report we came to know that patient hane Ampullary Tumor and as per Biopsy report she have ADENOCARCINOMA
    When we came to know that surgery cost in Pvt. hospital is near about from Rs 3,00,000/- to Rs 3,50,000/- (only for surgery) which is beyond our capability then we decided to came E.S.I.C. hopital for the treatment.
    I want to let you know that we have already start the treatment with (ERCP ENDOSCOPY, MRCP,SEROLOGY,BIOPSY) now my mother needs a surgery, we went to Kamarhati esic hospital they referred us to NRS Medical College & Hospital for there opinion,then we talked to Deputy Superintendent DR. SUPRASENJIT ROY that kindly referred us to another better hospital, suddenly he got angry on us and behave like we are beggars to him. i want to ask that are we deserve this kind of behavior, are we beggars before you?Are giving us the treatment free of cost? Every month me and my company pay to you for our better medical treatment and this the way you people are behaving with patients. When we told him that we are mentally upset because patient having carcinoma,he said taht “dont say these useless lines there are so many patient having carcinoma” and also Superintendent DR. SUBRATA SAHA was very rude to us, at least they should be little bit humble to us.
    Well they referred us to NRS medical college, we went to that hospital with patient who every day suffering with pain. we went to Radiotherapy Dept Dr consult and examined my mother and said that patient required oncology surgery and this the radiotherapy dept. we have no such dept. of surgical oncology. Again we referred to esic kamarhati and again we were send to esic Sealdah for Surgical Oncology opinion, We reached there at 9 A.M. and Dr. came on 12 P.M. can you imagine how much we are suffering for this critical treatment we waited hours & hours for Dr standing in queue for 3-4 hours with this kind of patient who having pain every day and fighting with carcinoma.
    i want to ask you that when you or your family members have any medical problem are you going esic hospitals for your treatment,if no then go there and stand over there for 3-4 hours in queues and wait for Dr for just one opinion or reference, but why would you go there because you deserve better medical treatment, as you are human being due to working under govt sect and got high salaries and we do not deserve better medical treatment because as we are animals working under pvt sectors, with low salary. We don’t deserve hassle free better medical treatment from your end even for this kind of critical illness. I want to let you know that you are not giving us free service since 2011 i am paying an amount every month so that when we required we get better medical treatment from your end. But my harassment is not ends here when we visit to oncology surgical dept dr. advised for pre operative medical test like CECT WHOLE ABDOMEN, ECHO,E.C.G., X-RAY, PT TIME, Dr. was very busy due to he came at 12P.M. and he has no time to listening our problems. patient have itching skin since one month and her billirubin is very high (report enclose) but Dr was not interested in such problems, he just said that ‘” this the SUPRA MAJOR SURGERY and also a life threatening surgery, i cant tell you that patient will come back or not from OT table.”
    Can you imagine our mental condition, that what kind of mental stress we had in such days,again we visit Kamarahati esic hospital to Superintendent DR. SUBRATA SAHA for pre operative test like CECT ABDOMEN again he behave very rudely with us well they referred us to DUMDUM THEISM LAB but as per there opinion patient is not eligible for CECT WHOLE ABDOMEN due to her Urea & creatinine is high (reports enclosed) they denied us for the test. Again we go esic kamarhati they said that we cant do anything in this case you have to control these both enzymes.
    Are we Dr.? How could we control this things, if these enzymes need to control the why don’t your Dr’s given the medicine from then. Everyday patient is fighting from this kind of critical disease ,when we ask from another Dr. from TATA MEDICAL CENTRE (KOLKATA) G.I. Oncology Surgeon and also another renowned diagnostic centre SONOSCAN (KOLKATA) they said us that these reports are normal for CECT WHOLE ABDOMEN (with contrast). Now please let me know that what is going on here, are all of your department kidding with the patient”s life or they are intentionally delaying the treatment and waiting for when the patient is going to be die? Is really normal people”s life have no values.
    I really want to know why we get this type of bad treatment and behavior from your end, we are not beggars. We are paying an amount every month to you for getting this type of worse service, where patient have severe problem and having carcinoma and fighting everyday for her life. You cant understand our problems because you never went to govt esic hospitals for your own or your family members treatment because you deserve best medical treatment due to you are a Govt employee and also a human being, where we are not a human being we are like animals hence we do not deserve good medical treatment at least. As per your service we have to wait for patient’s deteriorate condition or until patient is not expires.
    Please go through the mail and i am attaching all reports and prescriptions for your kind perusal. Please help us we are in very critical condition with depression and also not doing Govt jobs just have a job in pvt sect in normal salary.
    Please help us to save my mother this is request of a daughter who cant see her mother in dying condition please sir please.
    With Regards
    E.SI.C. NO 4113749162
    CONTACT NO. 9830270519 / 9038792061

  2. ritu

    hello ,
    so here i am for my behalf of my mother..she is suffering from neck pain since 2 to 3 when she always going your so called edic hospital..and tell all detail to the doctor and asking for always give us reply dont give us lecture.. i mean what the hell.. if your medicien not give her relief so kindly do test in very very rude to my tell what to do i’ll file complaint against doctor or hospital asap..

  3. Kalyan

    Hi Sir,
    Today I went to ESI dispensary Ramanthapur Hyderabad . I had faced one incident, took for medicine in a counter,In medicines counter giving one of lady talking very roughly not respecting with patient’s, and also too much of talking. Just I asked twice how to use medicines in a day. They roughly said the answer how many times need to tell. This is very too much if it is a respectable position they need to tell politely. Why I need to utilise the service because of paying money to ESIC. In this situations, patient’s mind think that they are not doing freely. But those who are working under ESIC dispensaries they feel like that doing service freely. Please change attitude while talking to patient’s be politeness with patience. Very Bad service providing. Please need one request change her place to other departments.

  4. Jitender kumar

    I covered under esic my ealder son aged 9 years a patient of shunt v pipe which is plant by pgi doctors, chandigarh at the time to birth. His treatment is carrying on by birth to till date last year july 2018 he fallen very ill suffering from vomiting I treated him to the private hospital and spend about 60000 to 70000 rupees even though I also go to the ESIC hospital in emergency and talk with dr. Abhishek which is child doctor for reference us to PGI, chandigarh but he misbehave with us and say if you need you are independent to go there we cant do nothing. Although I admit my son there but there is not sufficient treatment is there he scanned the brain and told us there is no major problem is there and discharge the patient.
    After the 3 or 4 days my son again face same problem I decided to go the the PGI, chd. I admit my son there they are very sincere doctor and find the problem. My son is operated. Sir we spend a lot of money there the procedure of claim the bills is to difficult. So no bills are claim by me.
    Sir, I want to know if there is any advance type of reference is there for these type of patients which is treated by birth at PGI, chd.

    Kindly do needful

    jitender kumar


  5. BAPPA sarkar

    Please proper good behave to party maintenance hospital cleaned tolate every floors me visit on 30 the July esic manicktala medicine store lunch time dot 1:30 pm to 2pm but they come in stores near about 2:20 pm why we are suffering this type of staff and uncleaned hospital we are not paying this Sir

  6. Nisha mehra

    Respected sir, I have two children .. I delivered my first baby in 2014 at that time ML was 3months that I got very well.. then in2014 I had a miscarriage then I got 42 days leave .. Now in 2018 I delivered my second baby ..I got six months leave but got the salary of 84 days only .. am I not eligible for getting the whole six months salary.. ???
    Is there any rule like if I have taken leave benefit for 42 days for abortion then I will not get maternity benefit (salary of six months)


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